Pet Sitting: Lincoln



Many of you know that I have a side job pet sitting for Fur-Get Me Not and if you’ve ever met me, you know within a couple of minutes that I’m an animal lover.  More than the extra income, I truly enjoy all of the different pets and owners that I meet and because I have a background in animal welfare, I’m able to help some of them better understand their pets’ behaviors!

One of my favorites is this handsome, old kitty named Lincoln.  He is dignified.  He lounges on the kitchen counter surveying his domain.  His regal nature lets you know that you are to come to him.  He supervises the cleaning of his litterbox.  He thoroughly enjoys being petted, but will let you know with a swat when he is finished.  In short, he’s great and I knew his unique personality would be great to photograph.


Seeing blurry, not-so-good shots of peoples’ pets is pretty common because pet photography is a lot more difficult than shooting people.  You can’t tell a cat or dog to “just turn their head a little to the left” or to “hold that pose” and it becomes more difficult when the kitty is deaf!  All of my normal weird alien noises and odd trillings did not work in Lincoln’s case!  And he’s such a love sponge that it was difficult to get far enough away from the camera in order to actually take a photo of him!  (I was shooting with a Canon 50 mm f/1.4, so the subject has to be pretty far away.)  I was a little frustrated because I wanted to get a photo for his mom because she’s so wonderful.  But this is when you have to take advantage of the kitty’s natural behavior . . . . I showered Lincoln with love and he soaked up the ear and chin scratches like the king he is . . . until he was done . . . and promptly let me know so.  At this point, he was easy to photograph because he wanted nothing to do with me!

So without further ado, here he is!

P.S.- If you do anything today, you have to watch this hilarious video!  I don’t know if it’s so funny because it’s in French, black and white, or about cats . . . but I laughed until I cried!


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