Wedding: Ben & Mirelle

Last weekend two of the most amazing people got married in a gorgeous ceremony at the Hay Adams.  I met Mirelle when she began working in my department at my office.  I was instantly jealous that she had lived abroad and spoke more languages than I can remember, but we became fast friends due to our outgoing natures, willingness to laugh at anyone’s (including our own) expense and not in small part due to my love of wedding planning.  Yes, Mirelle is not one to turn down a free lunch nor a free graphic designer, Ketubah design advisor, bridal gown fitting consultant or the like.  It’s one of the reasons why I know she’ll always accomplish what she sets out to do!

I met her now-husband Ben soon after and discovered that we had attended the same university and even had some friends in common.  I don’t believe that’s a coincidence as anyone who meets Ben would be lucky to become his friend- his warm-hearted ways are worn on his sleeve.  And that was the general feeling of the entire wedding- I’ve never seen two families blend together so well and parents of the couple so genuinely become family.  It was wonderful to get to know so many of the amazing people that are in their lives and to reconnect with old college friends of my own.

BUT- now I understand why you shouldn’t photograph your friends’ weddings!  Let me be clear- I was not hired as the photographer- but as a shutterbug, I always have my camera in hand.  I was so caught up in the wonderful atmosphere and genuinely enjoying watching Ben and Mirelle get married and enjoy their reception, that I did not take the time to properly adjust my camera settings.  Photographically, I missed their first kiss and you’ll see a blurry photo of their adorable kiss at the end of the first dance . . . quite simply because I was so caught up in the magic of these two.  I was tempted to not post these photos at all, as they’re not portfolio-quality . . . but I couldn’t help share the sweetness between these them!

NOTE:  These photos are smaller and poorer quality than the originals.  In order to see the full gallery and download photos, visit the gallery named “Ben and Mirelle” here.

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