Vacation: Martha’s Vineyard


And . . . I’m back!  After a long hiatus (writing this in January!) I’ve finally had the time to edit some of my photos.  Since my love of photography was inspired by the ordering and labeling of childhood photos, it only makes sense that I now feel the need to edit, label, and post all of my photos in chronological order.  September was full of trips and events- Mirelle’s wedding, Martha’s Vineyard, Southwestern/Central Pennsylvania, and an Apple Cider Festival.  First up:  a trip to Martha’s Vineyard this past 5-9 September 2012.


The parents of my friend Brendan have a house in MV and I was lucky enough to be able to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the island.  Brendan, Parag, and I have been friends since freshman year of college and it’s always great to catch up and spend some time with them . . . plus, I got to meet some wonderful new people.   Game nights, great people, awesome food, entertaining conversations . . . these are the stuff great trips are made of!

Above:  On the way, I took the most tiny plane I’ve ever seen!  Beach Pics!

Above:  Photos from our sunset catamaran cruise!

Some photos from Gay Head Cliffs!  And as you’ll see, I got to meet Star Jones.  My first close encounter with a celebrity.  (Does she count?)

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