Day Trip: Apple Cider Festival


In late September, I managed to convince Ben and Mirelle to go to all the way to Bluemont, VA to attend an Apple Cider Festival with me.  I say “managed” because it was over an hour away from DC and although sometimes these fun day trips I come up with turn out be great experiences, sometimes they just fall flat.  Yes, sometimes they fall really flat- like the time I was so excited to go to a pumpkin patch that had a great website . . . which turned out to be a parking lot in the suburbs.  I sometimes fall prey to the power of false advertising.

Such was the case with this sad little festival.  The website looks great and the Washington Post write-up said to expect “Fresh apple cider, a corn maze and live music from the Wil Gravatt Duo.”  Unfortunately the reality was very disappointing for adults without children, as there wasn’t much to do.  The apple cider tastings turned out to be the ability to purchase a taste of two different apple wines and Ben solved the corn maze as if he designed crop circles for a living.

BUT, as I was still on my HDR kick, I got some great photos of the coutry!  I’ve been experimenting lately with the difference between tonemapped and fused photos, which both involve a series of bracketed photos.  There’s a really great article that describes the difference between the two, called Exposure Fusion: What is it? How does it Compare to HDR? How Do I Do It?

On a personal note, Ben and Mirelle were great sports and we got to feed Eddie the Emu- non-professional-quality shots below!

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