Vacation: Las Vegas


In November 2012, I was sent on a work trip to Las Vegas and though it was my third visit, I finally realized what exactly it is about Vegas that lures people back time and again:  Every visit is different.  It sounds so simple, because when I think of Vegas I think of clubs, gambling, and the same trademark casinos.  But what really defines your experience is who you go to Vegas with.

My first trip to Vegas was my ideal trip: I went with a close friend from high school, Jamie, and her friend- Jamie.  The Jamies and I visited the casinos, gambled a bit, went to a couple of clubs, the Titanic exhibit, the Bodies exhibit (later finding out that it was controversial, whoops), the Cirque du Soleil show “O,”  Madame Tussauds, sat by the pool, and made time for a little mischief.  A very well-rounded trip on which I got to indulge my photography interest and my  “I love museums/exhibits” nerdiness.  The below photos were taken with my first DSLR- a Canon Rebel XS.

Montage copy

It’s no secret to my friends that my second trip to Vegas wasn’t all I had hoped it would be- in hindsight, I was envisioning the same sort of trip as the first- a little gambling, sightseeing, a Cirque du Soleil show, some exhibits, etc.  Admittedly, this was silly, since my friends were into clubbing and hanging out by the pool.  As the photos attest, I had a great time, but the trip only allowed for two activities:  clubbing and hanging out by the pool.  Now, if there’s anyone to do those things with, it’s certainly these ladies- I don’t think we ever waited in a line nor paid for our own drinks . . . and we got to sample the full Vegas club scene.  😉

Vegas Montage 2 copy

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) conference took me to Vegas for the third time and this trip was vastly different from the first two in that I traveled alone.  I love traveling- exploring a new city, staying in a hotel, getting a taste of local life- so I was thrilled to be there for a week.  And, as I found, it was also great to indulge in whatever activities and shows I was interested in without having to weigh in with someone else.  I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show “Zumanity,” “Peep Show,”  the Da Vinci exhibit, visited all of the casinos, gambled a bit, and of course, took a ton of photos!  The rest of the photos can be seen on my site:

I do have to confess that over the last couple of days I was a bit disappointed to miss out on an opportunity to visit a photography show at the Mexican embassy and meet a certain someone for the first time.  😉  But, Jonathan and I managed to go on our first date soon after my return from Vegas.

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