Graphic Design: Pet Photography Business Cards

Pet Business Card- Back-Merged

I am a listmaker.  I can barely describe the feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment that I feel when crossing an errand or chore or goal off of a list . . . except to tell you that sometimes the very first thing on a list is “make list.”  A little ridiculous, I know, but sometimes even making the list itself can be quite the chore!

Something that has been on my list of “Things to Do” for a while has been to create pet photography business cards for Kara Smedley Images.  The first business cards I created were battlefield business cards because I thought that I’d be at Antietam’s 150th Anniversary Reenactment, but that didn’t end up working out due to the crowds.  I was also waiting for a sale from Overnight Prints to align with the time it takes to weigh all of the options and hem and haw over exactly which photos should go on one’s pet photography business card.

The sale came last week and it was too good to pass up, so I whittled my photos down and luckily have a friend in the Marketing Department (Mirelle) who can give constructive feedback.

The front of the card is above and features Dillon on the left: a foster kitten who was adorably sweet (and stoic!).  And on the right?  That’s Joy- I don’t think many people could resist the temptation to throw a ball for her when she’s looking up at you like that.  I snapped the photo of her while she was awaiting an adoptive family in a local shelter and am happy to report that capturing just how adorable she was lead someone to come in and adopt her soon after!  Overall, I’m pleased with the result, though I do wish I had added a black line to separate the two photos, as I did with the back.  Next time!

On the back of the card, the pattern under Noah should look familiar, since it’s the same under Dillon.  The morning sun shines right onto my bed, making the perfect studio for foster kittens.  Another foster kitten, Noah wasn’t with me for very long before he was scooped up.   The power of photography can save so many animal lives!  How could you resist that face?  And below is another dog who was at the shelter with Joy: Dasani.  Horrible name (after the brand of water!), but a really sweet Pit Bull who was veeerrryyy curious about the camera!

Pet Business Card- Front-Merged

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