Event: Census Bureau Softball Game

IMG_1400-CFollowing the AGU Cherry Blossom Photo Tour, Jonathan and I hit the road for a quick trip to my hometown of Syracuse, NY.  We were there for the tail end of March Madness and it was an exciting time to be in Syracuse when they competed in their Final Four game.  Even though they lost.  And we couldn’t find a single bar that had space.  But it was a fun game!

Probably due to my own lack of eye-hand coordination, I’m not a huge fan of watching sports in general, but I do make a point to see a live game of hockey, baseball, and basketball each year, because I enjoy the energy of the crowd when watching a game in person.  And now I am happy to report that I can draw my enjoyment from a “crowd” of one.  Jonathan is the only person I’ve dated who is not only an avid basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer fan, but who also participates whenever he can.

This is how I ended up photographing a Census Bureau softball game on the 11th of April.  It was right before sunset, so the lighting wasn’t optimal, but I got some great action shots and was satisfied with the overall result after some editing.

Clicking on individual photos will enlarge them or the entire series can be seen here:  http://www.karasmedley.com/Sports/2013-04-11-Census-Softball/

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