DC: Cherry Blossom Picnic

IMG_1626One of the benefits of working a compressed work schedule is enjoying the sights of DC while everyone else is at work.  I had just photographed the cherry blossoms during the AGU Cherry Blossom Photo Tour, but before the peak and there weren’t very many to photograph.  So on April 12th, Jonathan and I used our Friday off to mosey down to the Tidal Basin for a weekday picnic.

It had rained that morning, resulting in falling petals throughout the day and a pink carpet of petals in between the trees.  I particularly love the one in the lower left corner of the gallery below- it looks like a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  The others are a bit too dark, a reflection of the gray skies and rainy day.  I’ll need to invest in a lens with a larger aperture soon, but these turned out pretty well, given that they were taken with the kit lens for my Canon 60D and can only get down to a f/3.5.

We did find a bench with a wonderful view of the Tidal Basin and enjoyed our picnic lunch of Cherry Coke, salami, brie, goat cheese, and bread.  How very French of us.

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