Vacation: Chicago, Part 2


Editing photos from the Chicago trip has been particularly interesting, as I’ve learned some new tricks and feel that I’m developing more of a “Kara Smedley Images” style.  As you can see from many of my photos, I prefer higher-contrast photos, but only those that remain realistic.   And I’ve taken extra care to increase the midtone contrast, darken the highlights, and in some cases lighten the shadows.  I have also been experimenting with the unsharp mask.  The above photo is a great example of my newly-developed skills.

In April, I was a running fiend in preparation for our trip to Cancun, Mexico in May.  So on the morning of Jonathan’s birthday in Chicago, we went for a 5 mile run.  Not a bad way to start out your 28th year, though it does look like he’s walking in the first photo!  The iPhone came in handy for the run, serving triple duty as my motivational music source, camera, and run tracker due to the Nike + app.

After catching the bus from South Loop to Hyde Park, Jonathan showed me around his former University of Chicago haunts.  Below are first and second year apartments, as well as an apparently amazing grocery store that I missed out on, since it had closed.  Sad face.  But I did get to walk past Obama’s house in Hyde Park.

Lunch was quite the experience at Harold’s Chicken due to an elderly man’s love life advice to Jonathan about how to keep me and we were able to visit his friend Ryan’s new baby before a tour of the University of Chicago.

After all of that touring and photo-taking, we met up with John at “Jimmy’s,” which is apparently actually called Woodlawn Tap.  😉

Since no birthday could be complete without an actual celebration, I had emailed John and Terri before the trip to ask for recommendations about planning a surprise dinner for Jonathan.  Since she’s absolutely wonderful, Terri arranged for dinner at Cafe Iberico (that turned out not to be as much of a surprise as I had hoped, since it’s pretty much unthinkable that I would not plan something for someone’s birthday) and afterward we went to Brehon Pub, where the low lighting provided a photographic challenge without an external flash.

And what’s that blue sticker that friends are wearing in the above photo?  I had to put my skills to good use and make this graphic of Jonathan from a photo taken in Tanzania:

Graphic-Photo Comparison

To see all Chicago photos, visit:

Next Up:  Lake Sinissippi in Wisconsin!

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