Vacation: Honeoye for My Niece’s Wedding


One of the most wonderful surprises about growing up is when you realize that you can genuinely be friends with your family members, especially your siblings.  Of course, while you’re actually doing the growing, this would seem unlikely, but it has been fantastic to see and be a part of.  And watching my niece grow into an excellent mother (and now wife) has been wonderful.

In late June, Jonathan and I traveled to my hometown of Honeoye, NY for my oldest niece’s wedding.  Honeoye is one of the Finger Lakes (Honeoye Lake) of Western New York and was the perfect small town to grow up in, if I do say so myself.  And it would seem that my niece invited half of the town’s nearly 3,000 residents to her wedding on June 22nd!

Before the wedding, we had to take our fair share of “prom photos:” the ones you take before the main event and before your makeup melts from your face due to the heat!

It was during this time that I noticed that the camera I had borrowed was taking some very blurry photos.  After my camera took a little dip, my coworker, Paul, was kind enough to let me borrow his Canon 60D.  He had upgraded to the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Autofocus Lens, which is what I had used to shoot my foster kittens.  I had never previously used autofocus and during that photoshoot, I had found that it unnaturally zoomed/cropped my photos, so I had turned it off.   Unfortunately, B&H reviewers found that some copies can be very “soft” (rather than sharp) and that the images consistently turn out blurry.  Such was the case with almost all of my photos from the wedding.

Luckily, I had not intended to take a great number of photos, since I found that enjoying a wedding and attempting to photograph a wedding don’t mix well for me and my future brother-in-law was the professional photographer.  But the photos benefited from my new usage of the unsharp mask, although it did result in the degradation of quality and more noise.  But I wasn’t overly concerned about the quality of the photography, since I had such a great time!

Speaking of having a good time, we really got into the country theme.  Above are some photos of Jonathan and I on some hay bales that were taken by my little sister, Amiee.  Jonathan’s ridiculous face is on purpose- mine comes from squinting into the sun.

Jonathan and my sister Michelle had a great time just “horsin’ around.”

The sun was very harsh and setting and I was on the wrong side of the dance floor for the first dance, so when the photos were edited I had to lighten the shadows.  This resulted in an a faded look, but since I’ve never seen Nate smile this much, I had to post!  🙂

The wide shot above is credited to Jonathan and the rest of the blurry shots are credited to family/whoever picked up my camera!  The camera was still on daytime settings, so there’s a ton of blur, but I feel like sometimes the blur captures the mood of the moment . . . like on the dance floor.  As a fan of country music, the music was right up my alley . . . and luckily they played the country cross-over hit that Jonathan likes:  Cruise, by Florida Georgia Line.

PhotoboothSetting up a photo booth was just one of the sweet things that James did for my niece.  (The major sweet thing being shooting 12+ hours of wedding!)  Clearly we had a good time with it!

We rounded out Jonathan’s first trip to meet my Honeoye family with dinner in Conesus at the North Shore Grill, Jonathan’s trip to Naples for a grape pie,  a walk on the Sandy Bottom Nature Trail, and a night of batting cages and go kart racing at Minnehans.  Oh, and a debut matinee of World War Z, a book that I had loved and Jonathan read on our trip to Cancun.  Although the movie adapted many of the aspects that made the book so exceptional, I still found it entertaining!

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