DC: Darage Sale & Browns Court SE

"Can I talk to Leo?"

“Can I talk to Leo?”

July 27th was the date of “The Last Hur-Rock(ville),” to commemorate a last get-together at Mike and Nikki’s apartment in Rockville, MD and to say “bon voyage” to Nick Fasciano and his new bride, Nicole, as they left for Kenya.  Looking to reduce the number of items to move into their new Bethesda apartment, they hosted a “Darage Sale,” which provided a hilarious theme to the evening.  The items in the Darage Sale could be “bought” via payment by performing a dare.


Nicole and Fasciano drew the first dare, which was to “prank call your mother.”  In order to avoid detection due to standard cell phone caller ID, Fasciano borrowed Mike’s phone in order to call his mother and ask in an Eastern European accent to speak to “Leo”- the family beagle.  Although the lighting was very low, leading to noisy photos, I think the above photos captured our reactions well- including the cringing, hiding behind each other, and covering your mouth in order to keep from laughing out loud!

The above photos capture Jonathan performing one of his dares, which netted us the below items:  a picnic basket and a sideboard.  What is he doing that necessitated the backup?  Rapping the “Star-Spangled Banner!”  And who knew that our anthem has three other verses in addition to the first and most well-known?  Not me!  But thanks to his performance, we now have a sideboard that will be refurbished using ideas from my DIY Pinterest Board.

Since Mike Stanaitis does not often receive credit for his photographic work, the above photos are marked copyrighted when you scroll over them.

Of course, other wonderful dares were carried out over the course of the evening.  Friends since high school, the boys were good sports and bravely won for us girls the items we wanted from the Darage Sale.

One final dare that Nicole had no problem performing was to eat a tissue.  I immediately thought of the “My Strange Addiction” episode where a woman named Kesha is addicted to eating toilet paper.  As you can see, Nick is less than amused as he stares at the bite taken out of the kleenex!

After an entertaining evening, we awoke early the next morning to move the last of Jonathan’s items out of his apartment in Eastern Market.  When Sean arrived, they indulged me in a sentimental photo shoot.  There won’t be any basketball-playing with Jonathan’s new roommate:  me!

After packing up the last of Jonathan’s things in my car, we had a lovely celebratory dinner at Montmartre, where Jonathan was finally able to enjoy the rabbit he had been raving about and we ran into one of my former bosses, Susan, and he ran into a friend from grad school.  It was a wonderful way to say good-bye to Eastern Market, although we will visit as I collect more Mary Belcher watercolors!

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