DC: Softball Championships & Kitten Videos


After a great season, Jonathan’s softball team at the Census Bureau won their championship game on August 12th.  I had rented a camera for the occasion from Borrow Lenses after eagerly awaiting a deal on their Monday blog posts for the Canon 60D and took advantage of their free extension if the return date falls on a holiday.  Due to upcoming Labor Day, I’ll have the camera for a little over three weeks while only paying for 3 weeks . . . and that at the 25% off rate, due to the blog special.  I had thought about trying to rent the camera I’ve been lusting after (the Canon 6D), but realized that only one of my lenses is compatible and only a portrait lens at that.

I timed the arrival of the camera body to be able to cover Jonathan’s softball game, our trip to Kent Island, and Labor Day weekend, but almost wasn’t able to capture the game at all.  When the muggy day arrived, I brought the rented camera body, my all-purpose kit lens, a tripod, and even a flash . . . but no memory card.  Some amateur photographer I am!  It wasn’t until after the game that I thought to mention my lack of a memory card Ramon’s wife, Ana, saved the day with the compatible memory card from her own camera.


Was Jonathan jinxing it by wearing his “Champion” shirt?  Guess not!

The team was in high spirits after their win and celebrated with several bottles of champagne . . . most of which was served from red solo cups!

After the game, the kids had a great time with batting practice and running the bases.  I was impressed that the littlest one here could swing a bat pretty well . . . and definitely hit more balls than I would’ve!

I kept the camera shutter clicking for the above sequence where Jessica was making up her mind whether or not to finish the last swig of the second bottle.  You can see the thought process on her face!

Below are some videos of our former foster kittens.  Pearl and Gemini had been adopted together, but Castor and Honeysuckle remained without adopters and growing bigger by the day.  Many people aren’t aware that due to the sheer number of them (black is a dominant gene for cats and dogs), black cats and dogs have far fewer chances of adoption and so spend longer in foster homes and are the first to be euthanized in shelters.  So it wasn’t a surprise that Pearl and Gemini had several interested homes and were adopted quite quickly, but it was frustrating that these two great kittens didn’t have any interested adopters at all.

It’s always been difficult for me to foster “pre-teen” kittens in a small studio apartment, but when Jonathan moved in, the body count in this apartment was two pre-teen kittens, two adult cats, and two adult humans!  The younger ones play hard and then nap hard . . . but Castor and Honeysuckle were taking shorter naps and playing harder- alllll the time.  So, although it was difficult to see them go after raising them from the age of 5 weeks, we swapped them with another foster home for two 6 week old orange brothers.

Wanting to send them off into the world with the best chance possible of quickly finding a home, I made the above videos and posted them to the kittens’ Petfinder pages.

They are still available and still adorable if anyone knows someone looking for a pair of ninja/Jedi kittens!

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