DC: Baseball & New Foster Kittens!


Nats game and new foster kittens!  This post feels like an echo of my last post on softball and kittens.

On 14 August, my work held an event at the Washington Nationals Stadium.  The game, versus the San Francisco Giants, was a great opportunity to catch up with coworkers in a great atmosphere  . . . even for a non-baseball fan like myself!  The game was exciting and came down to the wire at the end of the last inning (sorry, mixing sports lingo!).  Luckily, the Nats won, so everyone was in high spirits!

As a member of the Social Events Team, we were responsible for the planning and it was wonderful to hear what a great time everyone had afterward!  Photographically, the event was a bit of a bust since we were under an eave that cast dark shadows, but I guess we were safe in the event of rain!

After the event, we returned home to our two new foster kittens- Gallant and Garth.  We had picked them up the previous Saturday after they arrived from a West Virginia shelter that has a high euthanasia rate.  They were rescued from underneath a trailer and were somewhat on the shy side when they first arrived, but Gallant soon lived up to his name by being brave enough to constantly beg for attention.  This little one (the one with white on his face) isn’t happy unless he’s being held or curled up in your lap.

Both 2

In the picture above, Gallant doesn’t appear to be living up to his name, but it’s only because Garth was trying desperately to hide underneath him.  At left, you can see their adoption folder with their original (terrible) names- Suki and Peek-a-Boo.  Luckily we were able to change them, once we determined that they were not females.

Jonathan downloaded an app for cats that has koi fish realistically swimming across the screen and when one of the kittens touches the screen, the water ripples and the koi fish scatter.  Gallant was too smart for the app- when the fish scattered, he looked underneath the tablet to determine where they went!

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