Vacation: Kent Island


A long weekend on the Chesapeake with friends was a great finale to our summer of travels.  Jonathan’s friend, Mike, booked the above gorgeous summer home and was wonderful enough to plan the whole trip to Kent Island.  As a planner myself, I appreciated not having to do any of it.  🙂  After a late start, we were stuck in DC “rush hour” traffic leaving the city . . . on a Thursday at 2 pm.  And Jonathan was a great sport when, just as we were about to be free and clear of it, I realized that I had forgotten most of my clothes in the rush to pack, so we had to turn around and go back for them.   The little orange kittens we were fostering were good sports too- they were too young/sick to leave with a pet sitter and slept the whole way to the Chesapeake!

Fittingly enough, much of the furniture came from Pottery Barn, which made the house look like it was a set.  The interior was gorgeous, but I have few photos aside from those I snapped while Mike and Nikki made dinner on the first evening.  After a fantastic meal of baked ziti, we watched a gorgeous sunset on the Bay.

When Jonathan and I merged households, we realized that we had an inordinate supply of canned pumpkin between us.  That’s how we ended up making pumpkin spice donuts for breakfast in August in a summer rental home.  A huge fan of Black Friday shopping, I had bought a donut maker and previously only used it once, so when we found ourselves awake before the rest of the household, we got to work and had fresh, warm donuts awaiting the others.

After breakfast, we all piled into David’s truck to visit St. Michaels.  I had never been, but know that my Aunt Cookie and Uncle Mike enjoyed their time at the Inn at Perry Cabin there.  I didn’t get to see the Inn, but we did visit St. Michael’s Winery, where a tasting of their sweet wines led Jonathan and I to buy a couple of bottles of Gollywobbler Red.  A native of Upstate NY, I’m a fan of sweet, grape-y reds like those from Lucas Vineyards.

St. Michaels was an adorable little town that I enjoyed photographing as we strolled through downtown.

Hey, look what we found!  I’m always a fan of these cheesy cutouts!

After visiting the pier, we stopped in at Eastern Shore Brewing, where most of the group enjoyed interestingly-named beers such as Tighty Whitey or Knot So Pale Ale.  Not a fan of beer, I ordered a diet coke.

Friday night was our shift to cook dinner and our main course was a straight off of Pinterest- Armadillo Eggs.  Jonathan felt pretty strongly about grilling and I felt pretty strongly about making something from one of my Pinterest Boards, so it worked out well for both of us!  We don’t favor spicy foods, so we swapped out the chili peppers for regular peppers, but stuffed them with pepper jack cheese to add some interest.  You can see from the photos why they call them armadillo eggs- they’re huge!  And they took a long time to grill, but they really were delicious and definitely a recipe I’d try again.

After dinner, we had a great time playing Ellen Degeneres’ game Heads Up!  I adore games in general, but especially love games involving charades and trivia.  Heads Up! is like a portable form of Cranium, since it’s an app for your iPhone.  Thanks, Aunt Linda, for introducing it to us!  🙂

On Saturday, the girls went to the Queenstown Outlet Mall while the boys played lawn games.  After our return, we played a couple games of bocce and badminton.  I surprised myself by not being too shabby at either.

We said our good-byes on Sunday, packed up the little orange terrors who had enjoyed their room with a view immensely, and headed back into the city!  Many thanks to Mike for planning such a fun weekend!

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