Event: Henry’s Birthday


Yards Park has been a great find for Jonathan and I this summer. Rarely venturing outside of SE, my horizons were expanded this past year since Jonathan lived in Eastern Market. The Southeast Waterfront is beautiful and offers a much less crowded and much less regulated version of Jazz in the Garden. Yards Park offers a Friday night concert series with different genres each week, a selection of food trucks, and the opportunity to freely imbibe without fear of Park Police. 😉

On 25 August, we attended a 2nd birthday party for Henry, the son of Jonathan’s coworker, Andy. It was a beautiful day and the kids clearly enjoyed the sunny weather and the cool water of the wading/reflecting pool.

I love the above series of photos because it reminds us how quickly a toddler can go from anticipating cake to realizing how scary it can be to be the center of attention. Luckily, his mother, Rosemary, was able to scoop him up and comfort him so that he was able to blow out his candle. Clearly he’ll have company next year, when his little sister joins the family.

IMG_0559Aaaannnnd a couple of minutes later, he’s clearly bounced back . This photo cracks me up- nothing like shoveling some cheesecake into your mouth to make everything all better. I agree, Henry.

Chow time for everyone! These photos turned out really well, although the lighting under the bridge was pretty dark.

Just some photos of Henry toodling around, playing in the water, and making new friends. This little girl was a total ham- she wasn’t even with the birthday partiers, but she saw the camera and wanted to be a part of the pics!

The above photo is undoubtedly a mistake and one that I would normally discard, but Henry looks so angelic in the first photo that I wondered if I could repair it. I had made the big switch to shooting in RAW format a couple of months ago and can now clearly see the advantages. Although the photo wasn’t saved after editing (the background was too blown-out for saving), it was interesting to be able to change the exposure so greatly. Enough so that you can see the cheesecake crumbs and smears around his mouth. 🙂

The fountain at Yards Park draws in the children like a Pied Piper. Henry had a blast imitating the other children and cooling himself off in the unpredictable jets. Here he is above, with his father, Andy.

The above photo is one I was able to save via shooting in RAW and adjusting the exposure during post-processing. Shooting into the sun made for some heavy shadows and I hadn’t gotten the exposure right when I switched from shooting in the other direction. But Photoshop saved the day!

IMG_0756And I’ll leave you with this gem- it makes me smile. Such an adorable kid! And now a brother- Andy and Rosemary welcomed a baby girl, Norah, last week. Congratulations to the whole family!

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