Foster Kittens: Gallant, Garth, Tessa, Tatum, & Tanner

IMG_0814-3Gallant and Garth- so adorable and very easy to photograph!  I’d never fostered orange tabbies before, but now I see what all the fuss is about!

They were so tiny when they first came to us (only about 5 weeks old) that we knew that we had a couple of weeks with them before they were old enough to be adopted.   But over that time, it became apparent that they wouldn’t be happy if they were adopted together.  When Gallant would wrestle with Garth, he would just scream the entire time.  Since they didn’t have similar play styles, we took in a litter of 3 to make new pairs.

Gallant and Garth both thrived with the infusion of new kittens, which is great, since Homeward Trails only adopts out kittens in pairs.


I haven’t quite got the knack of shooting HD video with my 6D, so I still make their videos with my trusty Handycam.  The videos are a little darker than I’d like, but they are a great addition to the kittens’ Petfinder profiles.


Gallant was adopted out with Tessa, the gorgeous calico kitten above.  She was a dainty little thing, but as you can see from one of the above pics, she could play hard!


Tatum could appear very solemn, with her owlish good looks, but she was also a snugglebug.  She didn’t go home with a sibling, but was adopted as a companion for another young, playful cat.


I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the photo of Garth yawning, but I’m thinking that it’s going to make a great Halloween card.


Tanner and Garth were adopted together shortly before Jonathan and I moved into our new apartment!

It was a very busy month of kitten fostering for us!  After adopting out Gallant, Tessa, and Tatum, we took in Gallant and Garth’s brother and named him Graham.  After Garth and Tanner were adopted, we needed a friend for Graham, so we took in Babo.  Whew!  More on that in future updates!

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