Foster Kittens: Graham & Babo

IMG_0469First,  a few photos of sleepy kittens.  It may take a few days before Arlo and Lucia become accustomed to new kittens, but it’s sweet when they do.  Everyone was enjoying a nap, then a good bird-watching session at the bird feeder we installed for Lucia, followed by another nap.

As I mentioned in my previous post, soon after Gallant, Tessa, and Tatum were adopted, we took in Gallant and Garth’s brother, Graham.  They were rescued by a shelter in West Virginia, where they had all been living under a trailer.  Naturally more shy than the others, Graham evaded capture for several more weeks.  But by the time they caught him, we already had 5 foster kittens.  If they had told us that he would sit in a cage at the shelter during formative weeks, we would have certainly made room!

By the time Graham came to us, he was very skittish, hated to be held, and growled constantly.  Really- he growled while eating, playing by himself, passing another cat or one of us, and while being held.  We marked each day with small milestones- the first time he let us hold him and didn’t growl, the first time he purred, fell asleep on a lap, sought out attention on his own, or played with another kitten.

He may never be the type of kitten who settles in quickly or who greets guests at his home, but he especially seemed to like Game Day- watching football with Dad!

Since kittens need to be adopted in pairs, we asked for a friend for Graham- an outgoing, confident kitten who would bolster his confidence and one who would benefit from people’s love of orange tabbies.  Babo certainly fit that description and being a black kitten means he had far fewer chances of adoption.  Many people aren’t aware that adopters pass over black animals.  And black kittens, no matter how amazing their personalities, are euthanized first due to lack of adopters or grow up in shelters.

Clearly Arlo doesn’t have any such prejudices!  And perhaps due to his squeaky-cleanliness, I was able to snap some great photos of Babo.  He and Graham were adopted together shortly after we moved into our new place by a wonderful man who could see the potential in Graham and how fantastic Babo’s personality is.  Happy ending!

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