DC: We’ve Moved!

Front Side-2

We’ve moved!  The announcement above echoes our color choices for the apartment and was designed with Vistaprint, with some slight additions of more facial hair for Jonathan and a fatter face for Lucia.

It has been quite a whirlwind these past couple of weeks as Jonathan and I packed up our studio and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment.  And quite an upgrade!  After living in a studio for 5 years, and with Jonathan and our kitties in that studio for the past 2 months, it’s nice to have the extra space.


I’m a bit of an interior design buff, so I was able to take advantage of the small floor plan in order to maximize space in the studio.  Color and clean lines are my MO when it comes to design.  In order to pull off a color this bright, I kept all of the furniture neutral- black, white, or gray.  BUT, the green in the kitchen was a total accident.  By the time I had finished with the second coat and it still hadn’t cured into the darker pea green I had wanted, I was tired of painting and just never fixed it.

New Apartment

We signed a lease for the new place on 24 September and we definitely needed the overlap in order to paint the new place, arrange for movers, and paint the studio back to white.  We started the day in high spirits, but didn’t finish until 6:00 am the following morning.  It was quite the painting marathon!

Living Room

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In order to avoid 3-4 coats of the blue, we used a tinted primer.  The living room still required 2 coats, but it was worth it!

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The bedroom is a dark plum and although I started out taking photos, I was too tuckered out by the time we “finished” at 6:00 am to take an “after” photo.  We painted 3 coats that night and I still had to return the next day to add the 4th coat, which finally evened out all of the roller marks.  Whew!

A couple of days after we painted, here we are on our first night in the new place . . . with a bottle of champagne!  We still have a bit of unpacking to do now- 3 weeks later- but we’re almost there!

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