Foster Kittens: Grady, Cookie, & Dylan


The photo below was our first glimpse of Grady, Cookie, and Dylan.  We still had Graham and Babo, but who can say “no” to those adorable faces?  Certainly not us!  Many people won’t take in kittens as young as they were (about 5 weeks), because they are a lot more work, can have health issues, and because it will be at least 3 weeks until they are of an adoptable age.  So were were up to 5 foster kittens again!


Grady cleans up pretty well, doesn’t she?  “Grady” is usually boy name, but the name fit her pretty well- she’s as solid as a tank!  But she’s also snuggly and sweet- this little girl is the best of both worlds!

Watching babies explore the world never gets old.  This fan provided amusement for about 5 minutes until it was on to the next thing:  wrestling!  It’s difficult to determine where Grady ends and Cookie begins!

Cookie has the most unique coloring that any of us have ever seen.  Even people who have been fostering for decades found it difficult to classify her coat color- is she tabby?  Calico?  Dilute Calico with tabby stripes?  So interesting!

Cookie and Grady were adopted together about a week ago!

Dylan is the rough-and-tumble kind!  He loves to wrestle and play until he’s all tuckered out and then purr himself to sleep in your lap.  He’s the first one to greet you in the morning and definitely the first to dive nose-first into the food bowl!

After Cookie and Grady were adopted, we took in a friend for Dylan:  Rhea (pronounced REEE).  Look for him in an upcoming post!

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