Event: IT Works! 10th Anniversary Party

IMG_1706A couple of hours after our HQT Photography session, I grabbed my own camera and headed to the IT Works! office in Northeast DC to photograph their 10th anniversary party.

When I arrived, the caterers were setting up, so I took the opportunity to photograph the building and experimented with some bracketed shots for an HDR image.

And also the opportunity to photograph the swag and glassware!  Just ask Jonathan- I have an addiction to glassware.  🙂  Some of these particular glasses- the martini ones- held the most delicious concoction:  pear brandy martinis with rosemary garnish.   I’m going to look up the recipe for our future housewarming party!

The Vice President of IT Works! is Dawn Amore, the wife of my coworker at AGU, Paul.  Having gotten to know them over the past several years, I knew that any party they were involved in would be fantastic!  As you can see, everyone was very engaging and very quick to laugh!

Above are some of the dessert options and adorable swag- IT Works! M&M’s!  So cute!

A friendly bunch, everyone was very welcoming!  They made sure that my glass was full and I had plenty to eat!


Even welcoming Jonathan upon his arrival!

I cannot say enough how much I love the above photos of Paul and Dawn!

Toward the end of the evening, I wished that I had invested in a battery pack for my camera’s flash . . . those AA batteries just weren’t cutting it when it was taking forever to charge back up between shots.  But I got some gems toward the end of the evening.  One of my favorite photos from the evening is the last- and knowing that Dawn is gracious enough to laugh about me catching a sneeze and the resulting reaction makes it even better!

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