Day Trip: Butler’s Orchard


City life makes this Central New York native appreciative of trips outside the city limits!  A fan of farms (remember the Apple Cider Festival with Ben and Mirelle?), I hadn’t filled Jonathan in on my plans to go pumpkin-picking, but over drinks one evening with Brendan and Stephanie, the boys were roped in!

So we piled into the car on the first Saturday of October and headed to Butler’s Orchard.  It was a gorgeous day for the drive to Germantown, Maryland, about 45 minutes away.   After a quick stop at the farm stand, we headed to the festival grounds.

They have a cute system rigged to allow people to feed the goats.  Jonathan sent an empty cup up to the poor goat, but Stephanie sent him some “goat chow” soon after, which appeared to make it up to him.  And, of course, I’m a sucker for these photo standups!  (Lake Sinissippi, Myrtle Beach, Kent Island)

Butler’s Orchard is sweet, and the food is good, but it really is geared toward people with small children.  There’s not much to do for two couples, but as you can see, Jonathan partook in some of the fun!

Who doesn’t love a slide??

We had to try out the corn maze- and it was actually pretty tough!  I think it was Brendan who made a joke about Stephanie looking like she was in Mariah Carey’s “Dream Lover” video.  😉

After the corn maze, we took a hay ride out to the orchard.  Although it took quite a while to arrive at Butler’s Orchard and the driveway was quite narrow, once we were in the pumpkin patch, we couldn’t escape the fact that our “trip to the country” was actually a field next to a subdivision.

IMG_2086But hey, we picked out some cute pumpkins!

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