Foster Kittens: Dylan, Rhea, & JD


The lighting situation for this shoot dealt me quite the blow in the confidence department!  These photos of Dylan, Rhea, and JD are from my first shoot in the new apartment and they required a ton of post-processing to make them usable.  Gone is the giant, gorgeously-lit window from the studio apartment . . . and now I’m left with hardly any light coming in through our alley windows.  I should have saved an example of just how dark these photos were, but they really were terrible.

One online chat with the great folks at B&H Photo has hopefully solved the situation!  This morning I ordered a starter studio lighting kit– and it looks like I’ll be experimenting with a green screen sometime soon!

How quickly they grow!  Remember Dylan, from a previous post?  He’s everything people look for in an orange kitty- he’s a little rascal, but so darn sweet that he makes up for it!  After he’s completed all of his mischief, all he wants to do is sit in your lap and purr himself to sleep.  We’re hoping that he finds a home this weekend!

After Dylan’s sisters, Cookie and Grady, were adopted together, we took in a sweet little tabby named Rhea (pronounced “REEE”) to keep him company.  They’ve quickly bonded and are a great pair- they can always be found curled up together.  Jonathan describes Rhea as a “stage 5 clinger,” because he sticks to you like velcro.  Adopters looking for a lap kitty will be thrilled with him!

And last, but not least, is JD, who was adopted out-of-the-blue last weekend!  He was found on the side of Jefferson Davis Highway, in Virginia, and so he bears the name “JD.”  We agreed to take him, since his buddies were adopted and he was a lonely single kitten.  After dropping him off at an adoption event with Dylan and Rhea, we returned to find that he had been adopted.  Fantastic!

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

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