Pet Photography: Emmy Lou

IMG_2471Meet Emmy Lou, Ben and Mirelle’s new puppy!  This past weekend Jonathan and I got to do just that- drive up to Bethesda, Maryland to meet this adorable pup!

Emmy Lou is about 3 months old and was adopted from the same rescue that I foster kittens for- Homeward Trails.  She’s a bundle of energy and is currently learning how to fetch . . . also to run after her humans’ feet and bite their ankles.  😉

The first photo is a little blurry, but Emmy Lou is a bit blurry in real-life, too!  I got my settings right for the third photo- love that she’s in focus so that you can see how intently she’s concentrating!

And puppy makes three!  The whole family watches some dogs being walked on the state lands that border the back fence.  Fun for the whole family!

Emmy Lou really knew how to turn it on for the camera- so calm and willing to look directly into the camera.  She was ready for her close-up!

Black and White

The Beagle in her is apparent in these photos- with those triangular, adorable ears.  But what is she mixed with?  It’s anyone’s guess!

And . . . tuckered out after a long day of play!


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