Animal Advocacy: Humane Dominion


As an animal lover and a photographer, it has been exciting to see my work featured by a local animal advocacy group, Humane Dominion.  Over the summer, a fellow volunteer for the organization I foster kittens for (Homeward Trails) asked if they could use some of my photos for their website and promotions.  After visiting their website and finding out what they do, I was only too happy!


That’s how I found myself traveling to Nick’s Riverside Grill on October 24th, right after a hair appointment, which returned me to my pixie status!  I was in a great mood already (feeling more like “me” with a pixie cut), but seeing my photos everywhere at the event felt even better!

The above postcard/flyer features three of my photos- those of Joy, Moo, and Brooklyn!

Humane Dominion’s mission is to educate fellow citizens and their representatives about the choices impact the humane treatment of animals and to advocate for humane  treatment of Virginia’s animals.  Oh, and they’re also bipartisan!  Below is the back of the flyer, designed by Melissa Craig, one of the board members of Humane Dominion.  I was impressed with her graphic design skills!


Name tags at the event featured Joy, Moo, Brooklyn, or Garth.

The event was laid-back, everyone was friendly, and it featured some great speakers- especially Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States.

Fostering is important to me on a day-to-day basis, because I can see/touch/pet/hear the kittens purr and know that I’m making a difference.  But allowing the use of my photos is my small contribution to the organization’s wonderful mission.  I hope someday to again be involved in animal advocacy, but for now, it’s enough knowing that they do not have to pay for stock photography!  🙂

My photographs of Joy and Moo’s sister, Delta, appear on Humane Dominion’s main homepage.

And their Facebook page has featured photos of Rylie, Moo, Brownie, and Tesla.

While at the event, I had the pleasure of meeting the Executive Director of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and will be photographing some of their animals tomorrow!  The better the photo, the more quickly the animal is adopted!

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