DC: We’ve Moved! Party

Open House InviteIs it a Housewarming Party?  An Open House?  What does one call a party to welcome and introduce friends to their new apartment?  According to etiquette, Housewarming Party must be hosted by someone other than yourself and according to Jonathan, an “Open House” is never hosted by anyone under the age of 50.  So our compromise?  “Stop by our place for a party!”

A fan of old-fashioned paper invitations, my plan had been to have these printed . . . but the demands of unpacking left us with little time to do so.  And left me little time to clean up the clip-art of the cardboard boxes, but all-in-all, I was pleased with the result.  And the invite complements our Moving Announcement nicely, as the blue ties them together.

A well-designed division of labor led to Jonathan baking all of the food and me unpacking boxes right up until our guests arrived.  After that we were much too busy having a good time, so all photos of the food below were borrowed from the blogs.

First up:  Spinach Brownies!  We had these for dinner last night, too- what’s not to love about a ton of cheese and spinach?  Jonathan loves them and introduced me to them . . . but the recipe is his family’s . . . so the link above is an approximation.

The Crab Wontons were an immediate choice for us- I’m usually a fan of the deep-fried ones, but these were a “healthier” version.  Plus, there was plenty left over the following day for lettuce wraps!

Anyone who’s on Pinterest has seen these “Crack Weenies,” and having seen it repinned dozens of times, I was curious.  For anyone wondering . . . yes, they’re awesome.

Aside from an assortment of beer and the wine our wonderful guests gifted to us, we made this fantastic Autumn Sangria.

Autumn Sangria

Jonathan’s favorite desserts involve dark chocolate, so no party of ours would be complete without a dark chocolate dessert.  These Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies fit the bill . . . and more.  They are amazing- gooey and wonderful and they were gobbled down quickly!

Dark Chocolate CookiesIt was a great party- whatever “kind of party” it may have been . . . and it was a great opportunity for us to set a deadline for unpacking the new place!  Only 1 box was still left . . . and at this point it’s still left, but “Shhhhh.”  😉

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