Vacation: Sydney, Australia (Day 3)

According to a Google search, breakfast at Bill’s is a “Sydney tradition,” so on Tuesday morning we trekked to Darlinghurst in order to sample the fare.  Although there are many interesting things on the menu, I narrowed it down to the sweetcorn fritters and “bills hot chocolate with callebaut.”  Callebaut?  What’s that?  Apparently it’s a brand of belgian chocolate.  Below is a photo of the hot chocolate, but the sweetcorn fritters were consumed too quickly to capture.

On our way back to the hotel, I snapped this photo on the above right- the contrast in the architecture was interesting.

After breakfast we traveled to the bride’s parents’ home in Maroubra Beach. Terri’s gracious parents hosted us for a lovely lunch of  sandwiches and traditional Chinese fare as we prepared for the Melbourne Cup.  A huge fan of horse racing, I had already read the newspaper coverage of the horses and selected Fiorente to root for due to his good starts and female trainer.

We participated in the typical manner of selecting your horse in Australia- a sweep-style assignment.  Everyone pays the same amount and horses are randomly selected from a bin and the winner and the loser split the pot.  Luckily, after already setting my sights on Fiorente, I drew his name from the bin.  Fate?  😉

While waiting for the Melbourne cup to be televised, Mim and Addy (Terri’s Australian friends who were rooming with us) brought out their cricket set and tried to teach us Americans how to play.

Some of the rules were improvised and some allowances were made, but the cricket experience was fun whether one was playing, watching, or photographing.

Jonathan turned out to be pretty good at bowling (pitching) and batting.  But Kelsey was the MVP with the wine break service.

After my horse won and Kelsey took the pot for the last place finisher, we posed for a photo spread.  Ryan was impressed by our cash.

The day was beautiful- sunny and clear, even if it was a bit cold.  It wasn’t quite summer yet.


The water was too cold for swimming for most of us- some brave souls stuck their feet in or went for a dip!  But it was great to sit in the sand and soak up the sun.

And we got some photos in, as well.  And a bit of goofing around.

After we returned from the beach, we set off for Darling Harbour and the world’s largest IMAX screen.  Our recollection of the movie time was off, so we found a spot on the harbor to grab a snack (can’t find the bar for the life of me!) of tater tots, sour cream and sweet chili.  Fantastic!

Still hungry, I sampled the mussels at the floating restaurant South Steyne while Jonathan took in the sights.  🙂  The boat is pictured below at right.

After dinner, we headed to the IMAX theater to watch Gravity.  The cinematography made it an excellent choice for a large screen, but in our humble opinions, the plot was pretty terrible!


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