Vacation: Sydney, Australia (Day 4)

After a second or third trip to Pie Face for amazing mini pot pies, we boarded a bus for Hunter Valley, the wine country closest to Sydney.  Generously chartered by Terri, John, and their families, everyone who had traveled to Sydney for the wedding climbed aboard for a fun afternoon!


I snapped the above photo on our way to the first vineyard, Margan.  The two hour trip passed quickly, thanks to Kelsey and Andrew’s fantastic trivia preparations.  Jonathan and I led the way for much of the game, but the final question was worth as many points as we had.  Sadly, our comic book character knowledge is seriously lacking- we’ll have to brush up on that area of weakness for next time!

Margan was beautiful and of course the wine went down pretty easily!

After lunch, we stepped into the tasting room.  The above photo of the groom’s undergrad friend, Rohan, and Jonathan pretty much captures their interactions.  😉

Wine barrels and George giving his thumbs up approval.


Jonathan and I at the vineyard.

I can’t pronounce the name of the second vineyard, but at De Iuliis we sighted our first wild kangaroos . . . and also these “Boba-Fett-type” statues.

After another round of tastings and taking in the view from the top of their tall tower, we boarded the bus for our third vineyard.  By then we were a pretty rowdy and verrryyy happy bunch!

Brokenwood was the vineyard I was most looking forward to sampling, since the wines for the wedding were selected from their offerings.  With varietals named after cricket references, the favorite was the below bottle of dessert wine called “Sticky Wicket.”  After checking airline regulations for checked baggage (super important, since we hadn’t checked bags on the trip out), we picked up two bottles- one for ourselves and the other for Jonathan’s mother.

IMG_5003The trip back to Sydney flew by, thanks to the trivia game planned by the Aussies.  Australian trivia wasn’t our strong suit, but our museum trips and walks around the city paid off enough that we held our own!

After a day of drinking, we split tasks and gathered food from local restaurants and grocery stores for a “potluck dinner” at our apartment.  The food was typical takeout, but the most amazing part of any meal were the Australian cookies- Tim Tams!


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