DC: 2013 Holiday Card (Our First!)

Many people have asked me, “How did you get Jonathan to make your ridiculous holiday card?”  The answer is simple- he didn’t need to be talked into it!  Several months ago I asked him about making the card and if he’d like to do a cartoon-style one.  When he said no, I simply took a different tack and suggested something bizarre in the hopes that he would agree to my original suggestion.  And that’s how we ended up dressing up ourselves and the kitties!
2013 Christmas CardI have to admit that I already had the Santa and Mrs. Claus (Claws?) costumes for the cats . . . but it took careful research to decide on our costumes (reindeer and snow woman).  Luckily the background fell into place when I ordered my new lighting kit from B&H Photo and received a green screen kit.

IMG_6918-2Convincing Arlo (white male cat) and Lucia (black female cat) to cooperate was an entirely new challenge.  Normally I can actually hang Arlo upside down and he doesn’t bat an eye- he loves attention in all its forms.  But most of our photos looked like the one above- with Arlo launching himself off of Jonathan’s chest and from his arms and the normally grouchy Lucia lying slack in my arms.

So we decided to select the one above as our base, since Arlo is making such an awesomely terrible face and Jonathan has such a great smile.  Unfortunately Lucia and I weren’t in a great pose, so I prepped the base by extending the green screen all the way to the edges of the photo (Edit 1) and then the clone tool to edit myself out.

I then decided on the above photo of Lucia and I for a cutout and flipped it so that we would all fit together nicely.

The backgrounds that come with the green screen kit are pretty hideous (think middle school laser backgrounds), so I googled “Christmas + green screen backgrounds.”  We tested several backgrounds like those above, but they were a bit too busy.

The above winter scene was simple enough to go well with the card we selected from Vistaprint, but as a final touch, I desaturated the photo so that the colors blended harmoniously.  And voilà!  A ridiculous holiday card was born!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season- I certainly did!  🙂

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