Vacation: San Francisco (Day 2)

IMG_7280_1_2_tonemappedAfter our first gray December day in San Francisco, we were grateful for the sunny, beautiful weather on Saturday the 7th!  We arose bright and early to explore the city and accompany some of my students on a tour of Alcatraz and San Francisco.  I manage a program that brings undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D students from low to lower middle income countries to our annual conference, giving them exposure, career, and networking opportunities they would not otherwise have.

Our tour began with a very chilly ferry ride to Alcatraz, which was a long-awaited trip!  On three previous trips to Fall Meeting, the weather had been too terrible to make the trip out into the Bay, but my coworker, Danica, and I were determined to make it out there in 2013.

Smedley 0003

The students were a lively bunch- so friendly and open!  It was wonderful to watch this group of strangers become fast friends.  By the end of the day, one wouldn’t have known that they had all just met several hours previously!

I found the audio tour fascinating and had to prevent myself from buying many of the books and movies for sale in the book shop.  I wanted to know more!

Here we are exploring the penitentiary.  Such small cells!  And check out the shot I snapped of someone’s face in the mirror.  Spooky!

The National Park Service certainly doesn’t bother heating the place!  I hadn’t expected the buildings to be so cold!  Even while inside, we were not willing to remove our coats, hats, and jackets.

After Alcatraz, we were bused out to the Golden Gate Bridge, to take in the city from afar and snap some close-up shots of the bridge.  Unfortunately, the sun was streaming at the exact angle that shooting the bridge meant shooting into the sun.  So the only actual shot of the bridge taken from this site is the one of Jonathan- but it’s one of my favorites from the trip!

Finally, at the end of a very long day, we were bused out to an overlook point for sweeping views of the city.  The below shot is HDR, which was able to capture the view, despite the setting sun’s long shadows.


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