Vacation: Philadelphia (Day 2)

IMG_8071We woke up to a gray December day, but that didn’t stop us from giving Philadelphia another chance to impress us with their cheesesteaks on our final day there.

The wisdom of a local was that most good cheesesteak joints were far away from our Center City hotel, but that adequately tasty ones could be found in the Reading Terminal Market.  An indoor market, it was abuzz with activity and enticing smells from all directions as we navigated our way to Spataro’s.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were not as terrible as the cheesesteaks from Campo’s, but I left Philly wondering what the big deal about their cheesesteaks is.  Sorry, Philly.

But the best part of Reading Terminal was the above shop.  I ADORE Lionel Richie, so I was drawn to these mugs immediately and had to buy one. “Hello, Is it TEA you’re looking for?”  Hahaha, gets me every time.

IMG_8095_6_7_tonemappedThe Rodin Museum was a welcome respite from the gray day and the rain and invokes a perhaps not-so-funny story:  Having studied Spanish, rather than French, I did not know that the pronunciation of “Rodin” is not at all the same as Jonathan’s last name, “Rodean.”  Even standing corrected, I still secretly pronounce it that way . . . hey, I’m not French!  😉

The museum was a highlight for me because I’ve been fascinated with the sculptor since seeing the pairs skaters Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov perform their famous choreography, Vocalise.  The poetry and romance of their real life love story was perfectly showcased in their recreation of Rodin’s famous sculpture poses.  I was lucky enough to see them in person with my Grandmother when she took me to several Stars on Ice shows and later read the book My Sergei, after the tragic loss of Sergei.


As I researched Rodin for this trip, I became intrigued with his mistress and muse, Camille Claudel, who is the model for the sculpture below.  A sculptress herself, biographies of Camille currently top my Amazon wishlist!

No trip to Philadelphia would be complete without seeing the famous “Rocky Steps” of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  We did not visit the museum because we were in a hurry to be home . . . and because I’ve never seen the movie, Rockyso I don’t feel any particular attachment to the steps.  But if it’s something any of you feel I absolutely must watch, I may stand corrected and may pay them the respect they might deserve upon a return trip.  😉



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