Foster Kittens: Coral & River

After a very busy holiday season, we were finally at home for a long enough stretch to take in new foster kittens in mid-January.  Much older than the 5-6 week old kittens we typically foster, Coral and River were a rambunctious pair of brothers who made us laugh with their acrobatics and aerial Jedi battles.

They also proved to be a photographic challenge, since they were not at all interested in staying still through their photography session!  The photo above shows the type of shot I was able to get- too far away, kitten in an odd position, and zoomed out so much that the background interfered with focusing on Coral.  Luckily, during post-processing I was able to use the liquefy and clone tools to save the shot.

I eventually succumbed to the notion that getting them into position and still long enough to take the 3 photos they each needed for the Petfinder profiles was going to take a very, very long time and stopped fussing at them.  Limiting the new/fun/shiny toys to play only on the draped couch also helped focus their attention on staying in one spot!

I typically shoot one kitten at a time and only that kitten, but I soon took advantage of whatever opportunity presented itself and snapped away at whoever was in front of the camera.  River gave me this particularly gorgeous shot in between romping spells.  I thought about editing his somewhat cloudy left eye, but then decided to leave it, as he really does have a cloudy left eye and it doesn’t take away from his charm at all.


After kitty Petfinder profile triage (I re-wrote their dull descriptions, as well), I was more than willing to give them back to Homeward Trails.  They’re both purr machines and super cuddly, but we will definitely be sticking to the younger, less mobile kittens in the future.  These two were like long, lean teenagers with a ton of energy- always into everything!  One look at their precious faces tells you that we forgave them pretty quickly, but Arlo and Lucia were certainly grateful for the peace after these little whirlwinds went to another home.  We’re looking forward to our next fosters, since kitten season is around the corner!

IMG_8764Shortly after their updated photos and descriptions, they were adopted!


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