People: Candace

Candace and I have been friends for years- since we both lived in California!  So when she asked me to snap some head shots, I said . . . “No Way!”  Just joking.  But I was hesitant, given I’d never snapped head shots and don’t really know what casting directors were looking for.  The result?  Some pretty portraits in Meridian Hill Park on a chilly January day!

To Jonathan’s dismay, I’m addicted to the Investigation Discovery channel, so I was thrilled when Candace began auditioning for actor/reenactor roles!  Discovery Communications is headquartered in locally (Silver Spring, MD) and selects their actors/reenactors from the DC area, so I knew that I’d see her eventually!

IMG_8675Candace recently starred in an episode of “When Ghosts Attack,” a show that I would watch even without the opportunity to enjoy saying “I know her!”  The episode, entitled “Voices of the Dead,” is about a Virginia family’s nightmare when unknown presence targeted their children.  Candace’s scary scene is from 8:06-9:47 and her reenactment scene is from 19:03-20:13.  Love it!

A lawyer by trade, Candace asked me to snap some professional shots for her LinkedIn profile, so we headed back to my apartment to warm up!  The above shot shows my initial edit, in which Candace looks lovely.  But I felt that there was something missing- her warm personality wasn’t coming through.  So I warmed up the shot and you’ll note that the remaining shots were edited for warmth, as well.

She looks like a no-nonsense, but friendly lawyer in these shots . . . and just like her mom!

IMG_8693And finally, some lovely shots in front of my DVD and book collection.  Love the blouse!


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