Graphic Design: Our Wedding Save-The-Date

Ten days after we became engaged, Jonathan and I had already made one of the biggest decisions of our lives:  choosing a wedding color palette.  All kidding aside, it’s difficult to decide the theme and colors for a wedding so quickly and with a 4 month engagement in mind.  Knowing that we wanted to honeymoon in Tanzania and be there for the Great Migration, we set our wedding date for June 14, 2014 and got to work!

Thanks to Pinterest, I had already amassed a large number of wedding-related pins.  And as a stationery-lover and graphic design enthusiast, I had a pretty great start in that department, as well.  Most helpful during the Save-the-Date Phase were one of my favorite websites, The Perfect Palette and making boards dedicated to color palettes, such as the one we eventually chose (Peach/Coral/Gold).  We selected warm colors that evoked a Southern feel as a nod to Jonathan’s Georgia roots and worked in accent colors of blush and green.

Bunting Theme:  I fell in love with the idea of bunting very early on after seeing the above photo of fabric scrap bunting on Pinterest.   We are very fortunate that Jonathan’s sister, Allison, is fantastic at sewing, and that she made us over 100 feet of it- no mean feat!  (Bad pun intended.)

DC Theme:  We love DC and were very much looking forward to celebrating our wedding with the people that we love in the city where we fell in love, so our DC theme featured prominently in much of the stationery design.  Inspired by this invitation and gift tag, I Googled DC skylines, colorized them, and experimented with proportions.

Polka Dot Theme:  Inspired by vintage fashion, I worked with a dress maker to design a wedding dress of polka dot net.  The vintage elegance of the fabric inspired a polka dot theme for the stationery and table linens.  If you click on the gallery below, you’ll be able to see the back of the save-the-date tied in this theme nicely with a blush polka dot pattern.

Font:  After spending some time on the free font site,, I discovered three fonts that would help weave together all of the stationery to follow.  Coolvetica was a fantastic substitute for the much-loved Helvetica and was used to display our names and wedding date above.  The contemporary Coolvetica was balanced nicely by the slender Matchbook and offset the whimsical Appleberry font of the bunting well.

Printing:  Vistaprint has sales so frequently that it’s almost impossible to pay full price for anything!  If you sign up for their emails, you’ll receive a new sale in your inbox every week!

And finally, never one to leave a canvas blank, I inspired by the adorable return address below and designed one for our matching envelopes!


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