DC: Mini Engagement Session

After selecting a wedding day and venue, the selection of a photographer was the foremost wedding planning task on my mind.   And compared to the previous two decisions, it was by far the most labor intensive!

As a photographer myself, I knew that I would want to find a photographer with an artist’s eye, so I researched local photographers via sites like Capitol Romance and United with Love to see the work of local photographers.  And of course, I made a spreadsheet, recording their photographic style, range, and rates.  It was important to me that not all of the photos look alike- edited the same way with the same filter.

After seeing his work on Capitol Romance, I reached out to Mark Thackeray of Pier 23 Photography, and was thrilled when he suggested the idea of a “mini engagement session.”  Uncommon in the photography business, I was impressed with his business model of allowing potential clients to see if he was a good fit for what they were looking for.  Entrusting thousands of dollars and the photography of your wedding day is a lot to ask of a client without a “test drive” and the mini engagement session is a wonderful way to ensure that a bride and groom can confidently make a good decision.

For our 30 minute engagement session (which turned out to be longer!), we decided to do a “day in the life” photo shoot, a new trend that allows people to be less “pose-y,” dress, and act more natural.  We began in our apartment, doing something we do often- making and then eating dessert, followed by doing the dishes (disclaimer: not always done right away), and binge-watching tv shows.  In the above photos, we are wearing shirts reflecting our respective passions- for Jonathan, a Spurs shirt, and for me, a No Kill Advocacy Center shirt in Rosie.

From our apartment, we walked across the street to Meridian Hill Park, where our ceremony would be held in June.

We finished up in the lobby of our apartment building.  And that’s where we encountered this guy!  Mark took advantage of the opportunity to snap a photo of my neighbor, who, by refusing to smile, created this interesting image.

Kara + Jonathan {e}_256

After a very relaxed session with the very laid-back Mark, we were very much looking forward to seeing the photos, but already knew that he was the one for us!



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