People: IT Works! Headshots

Photographing the dynamic people at IT Works! is always a fun photography gig.  You may remember their 10 Year Anniversary party last October, which was a blast!  In late March, I took their head shots for the “About” page of their website, which was a new photography challenge for me- prior to that I had only used my lighting to photograph foster kittens.

The day was gloomy and overcast, providing little ambient light, but the mood at It Works! was festive.  I find that playing some “mood music” helps people loosen up in front of the camera and give more natural smiles, as does photographing people individually without their coworkers watching.

One of my greatest feats was the smiling photograph of President Damien below- he doesn’t like to smile much for photos and I caught a genuine smile at just the right moment!  And of course, his companion at the helm, Dawn, who looked lovely and radiant in red!

The shots took place over several hours on two days (one was a make up day for those who couldn’t make it the first day).  At the end of the first day, we experimented with some motion blur photos for the website along with some shots of people hard at work.

Another fantastic shoot with the people of It Works!  They make photography easy!


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