People: Henry and Norah

In mid-March a very special holiday comes along for us nerdy folk, called “Pi Day.” A celebration of the number. 3.14 . . . and mathematics in general, it’s also a great excuse to have a pie contest.  Above is my entry, one of Jonathan’s favorites- an embellishment of the pecan pie recipe on the Karo syrup bottle.  Since Jonathan doesn’t care for desserts that don’t have dark chocolate in them, many dark chocolate chips were added and once they melted, the carefully-staged “3.14” on top disappeared.  I did not win the prize, a pi plate, but luckily I already have one that Aunt Linda had given me years before. (Thanks, Aunt Linda!)

The second photo above is from the Wizards vs Nets game the following evening- a fantastic game won by our home team.


A week later we enjoyed a fantastic brunch at the home of the Weltons.  You may remember them from Henry’s second birthday party at Yards Park and that they were just about to welcome daughter Norah.  Well here she is- adorable and growing so quickly!

Jonathan took a turn behind the camera for a bit as I read to the kids.  And Henry took a nap after brunch, giving me a chance to shoot how angelic he looks while sleeping.  Look at those eyelashes!

After her brother went down for nap, we were treated to watching Norah’s reactions to her first solid foods.  Yum!

As you can tell, she’s a very happy baby and was so photogenic!  The contrast of the pink provides the perfect pop of color against the background of the white couch.

The soft light streaming into the bedroom lends a dreamy feeling to some shots in the bedroom.

And here she is becoming better acquainted with Mr. Frog!  Many thanks to the Weltons for a lovely afternoon and fantastic photography subjects!



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