DC: American Geophysical Union Headshots

7 months behind!  I’m 7 months behind in editing/posting photos and you’d think it was because I got married or we went on a month-long honeymoon or because we moved to Kansas City . . . but it’s really because I’m so committed to my day-job.  As a one-woman show and Manager of Student Programs for the American Geophysical Union, I put in 10-12 hour days year-round and when I see all of my hard work pay off at our annual meeting of over 23,000 Earth and space scientists.

And aside from the amazing members I meet along the way, seeing the above faces of our Science Department every day is what helps keep each day rewarding.  But those faces looked pretty terrible on our badges and in our email system, due to some terrible head shots taken in 2011 or earlier.  See below for an example.  After 4 years of working at AGU, I did not want to continually remember that bad hair day (and color) and I also had not had hair that long in 3+ years.

So thanks to the enterprising Fatima, a group of us decided to have an AGU Picture Day (plus one Make Up Day) in March 2014.  We made a real event of it!  Rita’s Ice and upbeat tunes made for a festive atmosphere as over fellow employees filed in for their appointments.

A  professional backdrop and professional lighting helped keep the look uniform and show everyone to their best advantage.  And in contrast to the single shot taken in AGU’s garage, I shot as many takes as it took for my colleagues to feel comfortable.  Strike the pose, V-O-G-U-E!

A single day wasn’t enough to capture everyone, so I returned a second day in late March for Make Up Day.  And afterward, everyone chose their best shot for upload into our online system.  It was really great to see how much everyone appreciated an upgraded photo and how much better you feel when you feel a bit more professionally-represented.  I know I did!

On a not-so-professionally-represented note, Jonathan and I took advantage of an opportunity to attend a White House Tour on 28 March.  It was a cold and drizzly day, hence the red nose, but it was a fun DC thing to do.  Of course, I forgot my DSLR, so we had to snap this iPhone photo below to commemorate our visit.



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