About Me

My passion for photography was a natural evolution from my love of photographs, history and animal welfare.  From a young age, I placed all of my photos in albums- chronologically!  On the reverse, I carefully noted the date, description of the occasion/event, and the full names of all in the photos . . . for posterity’s sake, of course!  I was determined that my photo albums would not one day be like the many that I see in people’s homes:  full of black-and-white photographs with predecessors gazing from the pages- all anonymous due to the fact that no one had labeled and dated them.  A love of culture and history led me to major in Foreign Service at Georgetown with a concentration in International History.  So naturally, I followed a career path that had nothing to do with what I studied in college!

Growing up, I had always loved animals, but my passion for animal welfare was sparked upon moving to a very rural, small town in central California.  The local shelter was in awful shape and the euthanasia rate sky high, so I founded a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and saved over 1500 animals in four years. After passing the rescue on to a volunteer, I returned to Washington, DC, where I work with Earth and space scientists.  But running a rescue taught me the value of marketing- the better the photos of each animal, the more quickly they were adopted.  The more quickly my foster animals were adopted, the more I could save.  I invested in an SLR camera and a shutterbug was born!

Currently I live on U St with my boyfriend, two cats, and several foster kittens from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.  Arlo and Lucia have demonstrated endless patience as I’ve perfected my photography skills!  Jonathan is still learning.  😉


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